Bike Safety Tips for Kids

Bike Safety. If your kids are riding a bike, even a bike with training wheels or a tricycle, there is no time that is too young to start teaching them bike riding safety.

Every year more than 200 children are killed in bike riding accidents. IN addition,  300 thousand are injured with more than 8000 requiring hospital stays due to their injuries. It is believed that without bike protective gear the numbers of those injured or killed would double.

Riding a bike is a very pleasant and interesting hobby, but it is also one that requires the child to undertake some measure of responsibility for their own safety. When you are teaching your child to ride a bike, it is the perfect time to teach them the rudimentary safety laws as well.

Learning balance, such as with the balance buddy is a very critical aspect of learning to ride a bike, but one of the more critical aspects of learning to ride a bike or teaching your child to ride a bike is safety.

Here are just a few beginning tips that every child should be taught from the time they beging to be seated on a bike:

  • Obey all stop signs
  • Never ride into the street without stopping first.
  • Check and double check behind you prior to turning or changing lanes.
  • Never follow another rider too closely
  • Always ride on the right side of the street.

Even a three year old can learn to ride a bike. Kids even younger than that have learned to ride and to balance. The problem is that they often don’t understand the danger that is involved. Make sure before they ride alone that they fully understand the dangers and all of the safety tipls here.

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