Choosing the Right Bike for a School Aged Child

choosing the right bikeChoosing the right bike. If you’re a parent who is considering the purchase of a bike for your child, there are a lot of things to consider prior to buying the bike.

Among the most important factors to take under advisement are your child’s age, weight, and motor skills. A bike that is too tall and causes the child to have to stand on their tip toes is not a bike that is safe or comfortable to ride. It will not only be unsafe but it will frustrate the child. To find the right sized bike for your child, measure the inseam of your child. The right sized bike for their body will be about one inch shorter than they are so that they can stand flat footed in order to ride or stop the bike.

These days, more and more parents are electing to not use training wheels when they teach a child to ride a bike. Training wheels when teaching a child to ride a bike seems to be one of the things that parents are no longer doing. Using other tools such as balance bikes or balance buddy tools to teach a child to ride a bike is the fastest way to help your child to learn.

The bikes that have the puncture proof tires have a lot less traction and are likely not a good selection for a school aged child who requires more traction than a puncture proof tire can offer. Hand brakes for a younger child may not be the best choice either since they require some additional effort to fully stop the bike.

If you’re teaching a young child to ride a bike, it may be helpful to use the balance buddy to get them accustomed to riding on their own and not have the inconvenience of training wheels. You can purchase your balance buddy right here for a nominal cost.

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