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The Balance Buddy is proud of our record of helping parents teach a child to ride a bike. We are pleased and proud of the many customer testimonials that attest to our great product and our commitment to good customer service. If you have questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us and if you’d like to submit a testimonial or a complaint, we are eager to hear either one.


Thank you for your interest in the Balance Buddy Bike Riding Training tool. Here are just a few of our customer testimonials.


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Verified Purchase

I’ve purchased many items on Amazon but I’ve been too lazy to ever write a review…until now!

My daughter was so dependent on the training wheels on her bike, she & I both were beginning to think she would NEVER ride a bike without them! Then a friend told me about this Balance Buddy she used to teach her kids to ride a bike. I read the reviews and purchased it, figuring we had nothing to lose. The Balance Buddy was quickly delivered to my doorstep, I installed it on the bike (only took 5mins), & off to a vacant lot we went. It took about 10mins for my daughter to trust I wasn’t going to drop her (I had/made her put/keep her feet on the pedals while I leaned the bike side-to-side to prove I wouldn’t drop her). 10mins after that I was jogging behind the bike, while holding onto the Balance Buddy, & I felt confident enough to let go…my daughter continued riding her bike, ON HER OWN! It took another 5-10mins to teach her to start on her own. So 25-30mins, with the “Balance Buddy”, was all it took to teach her to ride her bike! I was Simply AMAZED! I would’ve added the video I took that day of her zipping down the street on her own, but seriously, who really wants to watch a video of a little girl riding a bike & listen to her father crying like a baby in the background?!

I HIGHLY recommend the “Balance Buddy”!


Verified Purchase

I used this to teach three of my children to ride (and soon will start working with my fourth). Product worked very well and gave them confidence knowing I was right there if they were to lose balance. In every case, they learned to ride in just 2-3 days. I’m not sure how much of that was due to the balance buddy and how much was due to their determination and simply being ready, but the product helped tremendously.

Once they start riding better it can get challenging to run fast enough to keep up with them and have your hand near the grip, but by that time they won’t need it much longer (and who couldn’t use the exercise?).


Verified Purchase

I’m a bit conflicted about this product and how I actually feel it works. Its very easy to install, it’s easy to use, and its very well made, but I just don’t know if its the best solution for actually training your child how to ride.

My daughter was reluctant to take off her training wheels, (which I’m also not a big fan of), but I assured her that while using this I would not let her fall… and I haven’t yet! Haha! But, she doesn’t seem to be improving as much as I thought she would.

The basic concept is that you install this, then hold on to it as a sort of “handle” so that your kid can get the feeling of pedaling and turning and riding without falling and without the training wheels restricting them.

I think I mostly just didn’t realize ACTUALLY how much balance it takes to ride a bike. You get so used to it that you forget how much is required and it becomes second nature. So when she first got on and started riding with me holding the Balance Buddy, I felt like i had to grip the thing super tight so she didn’t fall, the entire time.

We have only been working for a couple weeks and there have been some improvements in the ride, but I guess I just question how much better this is than training wheels. If you’re constantly correcting the bike for them, does that stunt the learning curve?

We definitely plan on working on this more, and I’ll provide any updates as they happen. I still remain optimistic!


Verified Purchase

I wanted to get my son to learn to pedal without training wheels so I bought a balance bike before anything else. Well he really liked the balance bike so I figured it was time to move on to a pedal bike with training wheels – HUGE mistake. Do not make this progression! I assumed that he would be able to remove the training wheels since he already knew how to balance a bike, however he ended up riding them both like they were two different bikes. Then somehow I found this thing on Amazon and read the reviews…such a lifesaver. Well let me tell you…after just two hours over two days my kid ditched his training wheels. This thing was able to allow him to feel out his pedal bikes nuances which he quickly adjusted to due to his balance bike, without the fear of falling over while slowly getting up to speed (while not breaking your lower back in the process). Once they figure out how to start and stop, this thing has already done its job and paid for itself. Lets face it any dad would risk hurting their lower back for their children’s happiness but its no fun. This thing allowed me to jog with my son effortlessly while he learned. This made the process fun – we both had fun. Thank you Balance buddy…this thing is brilliant and in-genius!!!!


Verified Purchase

I started working with my 4 year old and she is still working on balance. This Worked Great for Specialized Hotrock 16 Coaster bike. The hotrock has a spot for training wheels built into the frame, very nice feature with a big knob was designed to easily remove and attach the training wheels as needed. I found I was able to use this spot with just a few washers and took only minutes to put on and would take seconds to remove if she wants to use her training wheels. Simple enough design, Product felt solid and just works. Allows me to let her lean a little to show her she is not balancing correctly. Also allows me to let her coast a little without her knowing and I can easily take control back. Very Nice and very solid. Should be easy enough to setup on another bike, but it won’t be as fast or as easy to remove. You would need a wrench in that case. Still I would recommend this product.

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