Facts about Balance Buddy

Teaching your child to ride the bike is good for his or her overall development. In doing so, you should have the right starter bike—Balance Buddy. Balance Buddy is an ideal helper in training your child how to ride the bike, while maintaining stability and safety. Here are facts about Balance Buddy that makes it the perfect training buddy for your child:

o It is attractive. Balance Buddy comes in a modern packaging. It has lines that resemble a motorbike’s and bright colors. Any eager kid would love to ride.

o It is made of tough materials and it is safe. Safety is always a priority when it comes to your child’s toys. Balance Buddy is non-toxic and durable. It is designed to absorb bumps and rough movements. It doesn’t have any hazardous components such as screws, splinters, and sharp corner, so it meets New Zealand and Australian safety standards. You don’t need to worry about scratches, accidentally swallowed screws, cuts, and scrapes while your child uses Balance Buddy.

o It helps in your child’s development. This training bike helps develop your child’s coordination and balance. It also helps develop confidence in your child for riding bigger bikes later in life. Because Balance Buddy is simple and light, your child immediately feels in control. Many training bikes are complex, heavy, and even too tall for your child. Balance Buddy is just the right size for your little biker, making crossing, backing up, steering, and crossing obstacles easier.

o It follows your child’s growth. Other training bikes are fixed, so you must buy bigger bikes as your child gets bigger, too. When your child reaches eighteen months, Balance Buddy can already be his or her bike. For safety and comfort, you can adjust it’s seat and handlebars as your child grows. Your child can use Balance Buddy for two to three years, making it a practical training toy.

Balance Buddy is the only training bike for your child. With it, you can be sure to keep him or her safe while ensuring holistic development and health in an economical way.

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