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The BALANCE BUDDY was created for helping to teach children from around the globe to ride a bike. The product has some additional benefits for both children and parents alike.

The BALANCE BUDDY is a patented fully adjustable,removable handle designed to provide greater safety to both the parent and child throughout the process of teaching balance and riding skills on a bicycle.

Constructed of quality materials, the Balance Buddy features an ease of use that makes it a hit with parents.

The Balance Buddy fits all children’s bicycle’s from the very beginner style to a standard bicycle. It fits readily and attaches easily to all styles of bicycles from  smaller bikes to larger ones.

The universal design of the Balance Buddy provides for absolute ease of use for everyone involved in the process from start to finish.
No special skills are required to install or to use the Balance Buddy by the parent all the while providing greater control and safety for the child.



 “A Step Above Training Wheels”

The Fully Adjustable Balance Buddy®

Your Balance Buddy  Features:

  •  Fun to Use and Easy to Operate
  • Limited Life Time Warranty
  • High-Quality , Non-Slip Safety Grip
  • Adjustable Height Control
  • Interference – Free Bicycle Operation
  • Nylon Locking Nuts
  • “Safety Stop” Design
  • Durable Chip Resistant Finish
  • Lightweight –Steel Construction
  • Fits ALL two-wheeled bikes

The Benefits of the Balance Buddy

Easy to Install and Easy to Use

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